I’ve been grappling with what to write for my personal statement all week. I am truly passionate about biology and my intended field of work…but how do i express that into words for admissions to understand?

My struggles? Goals? Accomplishments?

Explaining that feeling in my gut that says I belong there doesn’t seem to come easy.

In high school I wrote about who I looked up to, and I chose my niece. She motivates me. I want to prove to her that if you love something, do it. If you want to do something, work your ass off until you get it. Life doesn’t have to be about educating yourself on something you aren’t fully committed to.

She’s always been a huge part of my life. From when she took her first steps, to the lovely young woman she has become today. I literally do look up to her.

How do I put this all into a “statement”….